Tips From Semalt Expert On How To Download Images From Websites

Although there are numerous web extraction tools, you need to understand that every tool is suitable to extract different types of data. One of the best ways to download images from various websites is to use Image Downloader from Google Chrome.

How to install Image Downloader extension?

You should open Google Chrome and go to the Image Downloader extension page. When the page is open, you should click the "+ADD TO CHROME" button located at the top right side of the page. The button is blue in color.

After that, you should also click the "Add extension" button. The Image Downloader extension will be installed, and its setting page will be opened after the installation. You can now click the "Save" button. This is a way to ensure that the tool does not miss out any image on the target web pages.

How one can use it after installation?

Now, you can go to any of the target web pages. Type the URL of the web page with the required images in the URL bar that is located at the top of the Chrome window and press Enter. You can now click the Image Downloader icon in the top-right corner of the Chrome window. The icon is a white arrow on a blue background.

You can now wait for the images to load. This process may take some minutes. This is because the application will begin to search for all the images on the current web page. To filter the images, you can adjust the sliders. After that, you can click the "Select all" button that is located right below the height and width sliders. The tool will search out all the images that meet the specifications.

You can now click the download button. It is a light blue button located on the top-right side of the Image Downloader menu. Finally, you can now click the "Yes" button. This is the green button at the bottom of the menu. Once you do that, the tool will begin to download all the images specified.

By default, the tool will ask you where to save each file before download. However, this feature is not convenient-to-use. Just imagine that you have to download images from more than fifty web pages. Will you keep selecting where to save the required images before each download? That is definitely not convenient! So, you have to disable this feature. Once disabled, it will no longer ask for saving location before each download.

To disable the feature, click "Settings" and scroll down to click "Advanced." After that, you can scroll down to the Downloads section where you will uncheck the "Ask here to save each file before downloading" box. After that, you will be asked if you are sure of your decision, just click "Yes."

In conclusion, this tool is very effective. It does not require any programming or other technical skill, and most importantly, it is completely free to use. However, apart from the Image Downloader from Chrome, there are other effective tools for grabbing images from multiple web pages like using "DownThemAll" tool in Firefox.